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Joy of Discovery

I miss StumbleUpon days in the early 2000s when discovering new things on the internet was a constant Joy. While browsing hacker news I randomly landed on an interesting website Recommend me a book. The premise as they explain on the website is very simple.

Read the first page without judging the cover. If you’re hooked, click the reveal button to find out more.

The first book recommendation was not that great but the second book first two paragraphs had me hooked. I quickly went on to reveal the book and it turned out to be Battle Royale.

Then search on Amazon led me to a movie based on the book with a quote on the page by one of my favourite director of all time Quentin Tarantino

My favourite movie of the last 20 years…I wish I had made this movie.

Now, this is added to my must-watch list.

The early days of the internet was filled with wondrous things to discover. Over years these accidental discovery happens less and less often. StumbleUpon is becoming part of mix this 30th June, end of an era I would say.